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Living in Houston is such a great thing. Owning your very own ride is actually a very strong achievement. Before buying your very own car, you will need to make a lot of investment both in matters of time and money so that you do not regret your purchase even in the future. It will actually be your other greatest investment other than your home. washing your car could actually help you improve both the appearance and lifespan of the car. The Soap Hand Car Wash has actually got all the people who live in Houston covered for all their car washing services. Over many years, we have been operating and offering very high-quality services to the people in Houston. Our team is majorly made up of professionals who are very good at what they do. Our prices are also out of this world. When it comes to conserving the environment, we are the best as all our services are friendly to the environment. We have a wide variety of services for you to get your car cleaned. 

The express wash uses the hand to do both the cleaning and drying. The wheel of the vehicle is well washed and dressed.  Also when you are using the express wash, you can rest assured knowing that the exterior of your car windows is well covered. The soap classic option is also available. Under this option, the cleaning and drying are also done by the hand. The wheels are taken care of as well. The main difference with the express wash is that it has a vacuum cleaning option available. The dressing of the tire is done as well. In case your dashboard or console has any dirt, do not worry as we will take care of it by simply doing a wipe that is light. 

The executive wash option is also available. Similar to the express wash and soap classic option, the hand is used to do both the cleaning and drying. The wheels are also washed and dressed. The vacuum can also be used to do the washing. The floor mats of your vehicle are washed very well and dried. The seats, dashboard. Door jams and console are wiped lightly in case they are dirty. 

We use a three-bucket system to ensure that your car is clean. Under this system, two washing machines and three buckets are used. A lot of towels and only two mitts are used to make it happen. Our drying tools are washed separately and on a weekly basis to ensure that there is no contamination that may dent up the finishing of your car and cost you to repair. 

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