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The Soap Hand Car Wash VS Automatic Car Washes In Orchard, Texas

Buying a car may be costly but maintaining it may be even costlier. This is because the expenses associated with owning a car can sometimes be overwhelming. You have to take care of maintenance costs, fuel costs, and car wash costs for those who cannot wash their own cars for one reason or the other. In a city like Houston which is very congested and where traffic can usually get terrible, you will obviously spend a lot of money on maintenance. As a result, you have to cut down on car wash costs. If you’re looking for a place that guarantees your car a sparkling clean, safe and affordable wash in Houston then you need to look no further than the Soap Hand Car Wash. It is true that for those who are seeking to minimize costs, it is usually better to go for automatic car washing because it is faster and cheaper. However, automatic car washes hurt your car over the long term as opposed to the Soap Hand Car Wash which is equally cheap but way safer for your car. The following are ways in which the Soap Hand Car Wash is better than automatic car washes in Houston:

  1. They offer a variety of services while automatic car washes only clean the exterior of your car quickly as you drive through, the Soap Hand Car Wash will offer your car a variety of thorough and more detailed services at an equally cheaper cost. Some of these services are; having your car seats conditioned, your bumpers dressed, your wheels fully detailed, your mats, seats, and carpets shampooed and having the exterior of your car waxed and polished. Their services are categorized into several packages at different packages which make them really stand out. 
  2. They are safer for your car Where automatic car washes use, tough brushes, corrosive chemicals, and tough drying equipment the Soap Hand Car Wash uses the three bucket system. This system entails the use of two mitts which are of very high quality as well as three buckets, two washing machines and a number of towels. The mitts ensure that all the dirt, debris and sands are cleared off your car without scratching the surface or the paint off. This makes it very safe for cars, unlike the machines used by automatic car washes which are very rough on the car’s surface. The drying techniques used are also very safe as the towels used are microfiber and made from chamois in order to ensure that your car is free from all sorts of moisture.
  3. Their services are specialized and offered at various prices – The services offered by Soap Hand Car Wash are very highly differentiated and specialized into different packages offered at various affordable prices depending on the intensity or type of the wash a client requires. These packages are the express wash which is the simplest and cheapest, the soap classic wash, the executive wash, and the soap supreme wash. Aside from the car wash services, they also offer detailing services in the following packages: the express detail, the classic detail, the executive detail and the supreme detail. All of these are offered at very affordable prices.

These are the various advantages the Soap Hand Car Wash has over automatic car washes.

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