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Buying and owning your very own car is a dream come true to many people. It’s the target some people have set and it surpasses all other targets. It may be the guide of how people wake up and even operate their businesses. But maintaining the car itself could actually be expensive if you don’t take care of the car. Taking care of your car can start by simply giving it a wash. Soap Hand Car Wash is located in Houston and has all the people covered. We value your car and that’s why we will give it a very good wash. But actually you may be wondering why you should choose to use the Soap Hand Car Wash instead of other car wash.

We use a system known as the bucket system to wash your car. Under this system, we use a lot of towels and only two mitts to get the job done. Also, we use two washing machines and three buckets. We use a tactic that can only be seen as a genius. The tactic enables us to maintain our mitts and at the same time take care of the paint of your car. The tactic keeps away all the dust away from our mitts. The mitts that we use when it comes to cleaning your car can be only be said to be of high quality. The mitts are made up of fibers that are very gentle toward the paint of your car but at the same time also able to make the dirt particle loosen up. This will prevent it from rubbing against the car paint. 

Every car that has been washed requires to be dried. Our professionals use the towels made up of chamois. This is because they are very soft and very absorbent. The towels are never mixed and when they are washed, it’s done in different washing machines to prevent contamination. The drying tools are washed on a weekly basis. Its seen as the best method to use as it will prevent contamination which can end up doing a lot of damages and of the long run if it’s allowed to retain. 

When we are washing your car, we use a technique that is less likely to mess with the paint of your car. Many people use the wrong or poor technique when washing the car which may eventually interfere with the finishing of your car and end up being costly to you. 

When we are doing a single wash, Soap Hand Car Wash uses as few as ten gallons of water to get the job done. Other car wash uses between forty to eighty gallons. If you decide to do it at home, you will use more than one hundred gallons of water.

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