We've Got Answers

Q: How long will it take?

A: The average time is about 18 to 25 minutes (may vary during peak hours and the condition of your car), though these are averages, we minimize our customer’s wait while providing the best wash possible.

Q: Can I pay with my card?

A: SOAP Hand Car Wash accepts cash payments, ATM Debit Cards, gift cards and major bank credit cards. We do not accept fleet cards or checks.

Q: Do you have a rain check policy?

A: We do; our policy is a same business day policy. If you come back to the same location you’ve gotten the car washed at with a receipt during the same business day after driving through rain we will wash the rain off your car!

Q: Can I drop my car off?

A: Yes! We can keep your car parked on property while you are out and about taking care of business! (Limited time and space during peak hours and only during business hours)

Q: Can you remove and clean stains out of fabric and leather?

A: Yes, BUT in order to do so we must see the car first. However, some stains are not possible to remove.

Q: Will the basic services wash remove road tar, tree sap, egg and other acidic elements?

A: Usually not, there are specific products and tools used to remove these elements, our detailing team can give you an estimate upon arrival on property!

Q: Are your cleaning products safe?

A: Yes, of course. The cleaning solutions and different products that we use here at SOAP are safe and provided by many manufacturers around the planet.

Our prices vary with the condition of the vehicle and what needs to be done to satisfy the customer’s needs. Any extra work to the listed washes involves seeing the car in person first for a proper estimate if we can take care of it.
(Including removal of : swirl marks, mud, tree sap, pet hair, scratches, oxidation, water spots, stains in carpet and leather, overspray, brake dust, etc..)