Why Soap?

Because we’re safe, spotless and eco-friendly

Three Bucket System

Two mitts, many towels, two washing machines and three buckets. We employ a genius system that keeps dirt and debris out of our mitts and away from your car’s paint.

Wash Tools

We use high-quality mitts with fibers that are gentle on the paint, while still deep enough to loosen dirt and sand so they do not rub against the vehicle.

Drying Tools

We use microfiber and chamois’ towels due to their softness and absorbability. They are always kept apart and cleaned in separate washing machines to prevent contamination.

Wash Weekly

Weekly washing is best because some contaminants can quickly do serious long term damage to the paint if they are allowed to remain.

Not Weakly

Most of the swirl marks that disfigure your vehicle’s finish are likely caused by poor washing techniques.

SOAP uses as few as 10 gallons of water per wash, while the average tunnel car wash can use between 40 to 80+ gallons, and washing a car at home can use 100 gallons or more.