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In case you live in Houston and you are looking for a place to get your car cleaned at the lowest price there is, then welcome to the Soap Hand Car Wash. We are majorly focused and determined in offering our clients the best services that they can get in relation to cleaning their cars. This is as a result of our team is mainly made up of professionals. They are good at what they do so you should not have a reason to worry. Also among our major focuses is being able to provide high-quality services and at the same time still conserve the environment. We also have detailing services.

The express wash service is available on our list. We will ensure that the car is washed and dried by hand. The wheels of the vehicle will be well washed and dressed. Also, the exterior of the windows of your car will not be left behind as it will also be washed. The soap classic is also available. The car is washed and also dried by hand.  The general windows are cleaned and not only the exterior as compared to the express car wash. The wheels will also be washed. Vacuum cleaning is also available and in case your dash is dirty, we will clean it for you by just wiping it lightly. 

The executive wash entails cleaning the car and drying by hand. The wheels will be washed and the windows cleaned. Vacuum cleaning is also available if you wish to use it. The floor mats of the vehicle will be rubbed and the console, dash seats, and doors will be wiped lightly. The soap supreme entails waxing by hand. Also, the wheels and windows will be cleaned. The tires will be dressed and vacuum cleaning is also available.

 We are the best when it comes to detailing. The express detail entails cleaning and dressing of seats made of leather. The floor mats of the vehicle will be shampooed as well. The classic detail consists of cleaning and dressing of leather seats, cleaning the headliner, door jams console, dashboard, and windows. The executive detail includes detailing the wheel in full, cleaning pf floor mats, cleaning, and dressing of the exterior. Whether its plastic, rubber or even vinyl, it’s all catered for. We do everything including deep and light conditioning of seats made of leather, detailing the wheel in full, shampooing both the mats and seats, treating clay bar lightly, and finally trimming and dressing the bumper.

We save water by using as little as ten gallons of water for a single wash while on the other hand if you did it at home, you will have to use more than one hundred gallons.

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