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The Various Packages Offered By Soap Hand Car Wash In Sealy, Texas

The Soap Hand Car Wash in Sealy is no doubt the most outstanding car wash in Sealy currently. The superb techniques they use for car washing have made them favorites among the thousands of car owners in Sealy. This is hugely due to their three-bucket system of car washing. This system involves the use of two mitts of very high quality that ensure your car is washed deeply enough without having its surface scratched by the sand and debris on it. it also involves the use of a number of towels, two washing machines and three buckets, hence the name. this technique is very safe for your car as it keeps all the paint intact, giving our car an always new look all year long and thus preserving its face value. The towels used to dry the cars are also very soft and highly absorbent for extra safety. However, aside from all these special techniques involved, the reason the Soap Hand car wash stands out the most is because of their much-specialized services which are usually categorized into the following categories:

  1. An express detail Usually, your car is first given a soap supreme wash which entails having your car hand-washed, dried and waxed, having its wheel washed, its windows cleaned and the entire car vacuumed. The tires are also dressed and the car console, dash, and seats lightly wiped. After receiving this wash, the leather seats are then cleaned and dressed while the floor mats are scrubbed and shampooed. This is why they have effortlessly managed to achieve customer satisfaction. 
  2. A classic detail – Here, the car receives a soap executive wash which entails washing of the car’s wheels and vacuuming. The consoles are also wiped, the dash and seats wiped, the windows cleaned, the tires detailed and the rubber floor mats wiped. This wash is then combined with other extra services like having the leather seats cleaned and dressed, the carpet and cloth seats shampooed, the console cleaned, the dashboard conditioned and car doors wiped.
  3. An executive detail – Like the express detail, the car is again given a soap supreme wash. After which the vehicle’s exterior is cleaned and polished, the vehicle’s wheels fully detailed, the carpets and cloth seats shampooed and scrubbed, the car seats cleaned and dressed, the trunk and the headliner spot cleaned.
  4. A supreme car detail – this detail is usually the most costly of them all. Once a car receives a soap supreme wash, it goes ahead to receive all-around polishing. The wheels are then given a full detailing, the vehicle’s exterior cleaned and the leather seats dressed, the carpets and the seat clothes, as well as the trunk, are then shampooed as the vehicle’s exterior and chrome accents are made shiny. The headliner is then made spotless and the door jams cleaned. This detail is usually reserved for the very high-end vehicles that require extra special treatment. 

These are some of the unique car washing packages offered by the Soap Hand Car Wash in Sealy

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