6 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Houston Car Detailer

Car detailing is not something that you can leave to anyone. It should be left to the professionals. Your car is an asset that you need to protect and maintain. It is one of the most significant investments in your life, next after your home. That is why you should ensure that your investment is well protected. Some detailers may not meet the quality they purport to have. They lack the requisite tools, skills, and knowledge for the trade.

Poor car detailing does more harm than good, translating into more money and wastage of time as you try to have it corrected. That is why you should hire the right detailer to work in your car. Some of the essential things you must check when picking the detailer includes:


In as much as people will start from somewhere and turn their business into what it is today, do not hire a detailer that does not have a designated location for his trade. A detailer that works from his garage is probably learning the ropes and may lack the necessary tools or not know all the detailing techniques.

Pick a detailer that has well-setup premises with products and tools ready for display upon your request. Moreover, the professional you hire should not be hesitant to answer your questions and give examples of what they can do. The detailer should give you a few examples of finished cars when you visit their shop.

Time Commitment

If the detailer works alone, then expect the detailing work for the exterior and interior of your car to take around four to five hours to complete. That means you will be getting quality results. You will not receive the same if you hire a detailer that promises to complete the job within an hour or so.

The Correct Tools

A professional detailer should be aware of the right products and tools to use. For instance, buffers are crucial when it comes to smooth and even detailing. The detailer will know, based on experience, that a high-speed buffer is not the right equipment to use because it leaves swirls or scorch marks on the car. We at Soap Hand Car Wash avoid using high-speed buffer machines due to this reason.

Product & Service Guarantee

A professional detailer honors the trade and will stand by their work. That means they are willing to ensure customer satisfaction. However, they will point out some of the processes that cannot be guaranteed. For instance, the detailer will not be quick to claim to be able to fix imperfections before assessing your car. Scratches, for example, some be repairs and, in some cases, they cannot due to several factors. Cleaning to get rid of dirty and bad smells are also some of the other issues that may need some work on before detailing the car.


Searching for competitive rates is understandable, but significantly low pricing should be a red flag. Do not rush to that detailer that offers the lowest prices in your area. You probably will be paying for substandard work. The detailer may have low-quality products and tools and will be in a rush to finish the job and get paid.

An experienced detailer will request to see your car before giving you the final quote. Avoid detailers that say they will provide the final price over the phone. At Soap Hand Car Wash, we do not offer price quotes without viewing the car. We need to assess it for any problems that may need some extra time and attention before we start detailing the car.


Lastly, a detailer that has been in the trade for some time will have several happy clients. Such individuals will have left reviews about the services and products they got. Perfect 5-star reviews should be a cause of concern since no detailer is always perfect. Or it could be that the detailers have so many reviews that they can get rid of the bad ones or pay for good reviews so that they can maintain an implacable image for their trade. Such a thing should be enough to make you reconsider the services of such car detailers.

If you are looking for professionals that offer the highest quality workmanship at a competitive price, we invite you to experience what the buzz is all about. SOAP Hand Car Wash is an eco-friendly, car wash and detailing service that serves the Greater Houston area.