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Car Cleaning – Hand Car Wash Verse Automatic

If you own a car, the authority to choose the kind of method to clean your car purely remains to be your decision. You can choose to use automatic machines or hand car wash. While the automatic is considerably faster, the hand car wash has the potential of giving your car a shining effect. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using a hand car wash.

Hand car wash

Some of the advantages of hand car wash include;

High quality and customer-oriented

One of the advantages of hand car wash is that their services are of high quality and customer-oriented. The hand cleaning method is flexible and can implement other cleaning strategies. Since it is done by people, they can do the cleaning better because they reach to every single part of your vehicle. And because they are using their bare hands, they give the car a gentle rub so they cannot damage the car’s surface unlike the brushes used with the automatic machines. This method can provide other techniques such as applying clay and wax to the car’s surface.

Easy to establish

The starting capital of the hand car wash is relatively lower as compared to that of automatic machines. The most important things you need are some buckets, towels and some sponges. The cost will increase if you include other services such as waxing.


Since hand car wash is done by humans, it is easier for them to reach to all parts or the car that the automatic machines cannot reach. A person is capable of getting out dirt from the most dip corners of your vehicle. 

Some of the disadvantages also include;

Tedious and Consumes time

As much as it is an effective method, a hand car wash can sometimes be tiresome and consume a lot of time washing a single car.

Poor finishing

During the cleaning process, if the vehicle is not washed properly and some soap is left, your car will not shine instead it will have a dull color on it. This can also lead to some particles forming up on the cleaning towels and this may result in scratch marks on the surface. For this reason, it is important to shop around for a professional hand car cleaner who is well informed. If you are looking for a hand car wash, let Soap hand wash handle the cleaning for you and you will not regret it.

Automatic car wash

This is the kind of washing technique that employs machines in the process of cleaning vehicles. Some of the advantages of this method are that it has machines that are programmed to perform specific tasks and are relatively faster as compared to the hand car wash.

Some of the disadvantages of automatic machine cleaning are that the machines can leave dirt stuck in the vehicle since there is minimal contact with the body surface. This method can also leave soap and watermarks on the surface of the body and this will make the car to look dull.

If you looking for a hand car wash, contact Soap Hand Car Wash in Sugar Land for best and effective services. They offer a wide range of services at a competitive price.

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