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Hand Car Wash – Pros and Cons

If you own a car, you understand that the most important aspect is to keep your car clean. Whether you are doing it to keep its value, increase its resale value or just make it look attractive and expensive. The same way you take care of its seats or ensure you fill it the proper fuel it, it’s equally important to clean your vehicle. Washing your vehicle regularly is important because it helps maintain its condition and helps you avoid visiting the mechanic all the time. To get the best services, you can take your car to a hand car wash. Soap Hand Car Wash provides the best services that your car may require.

For a long time, automatic machine wash has dominated the market, providing vehicle cleaning services. However, some people argue that the use of brush damages the body of cars since they are used for a long period of time. Others prefer the hand car wash because they are effective and are gentle to the surface of the car since it involves the use of human hands. 


One of the advantages that you get from using a hand car washing is that since it is being done by humans, they are able to point out the extreme parts that a machine is not able to reach. A person is able to remove dirt from those areas and they are also gentle to the body surface of the vehicle. The humans are also effective because they take their time in cleaning your car. Another advantage is that it needs less capital to start.


Hand car wash has also been associated with some disadvantages which include the time and tedious exercise that is required in the process. The techniques used in the hand car wash can sometimes be time-consuming and requires that you use a lot of energy to clean the vehicles. Especially when a customer needs an intense cleaning, it can be so exhausting.

In some cases, especially when you did not a profession, a car can be left with some patches of uncleaned soap. These uncleaned spots can affect the general look of your vehicle, it will not get the shining effects. This will also mean that some particles will pile up on the towels and sponges that are used in cleaning. These particles might leave scratches on a car during cleaning. To avoid such embarrassments, it is important to work with a profession so that you can get the best services.

If you are looking for hand car wash, work with Soap Hand Car Wash, consisting of a team of trained experts to offer you the best services at an affordable price. They are highly experienced to give you a customer-oriented service that suits you.

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