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In case you live in Houston and you wish to get your car cleaned, then Soap Hand Car Wash is the place for you. Our team is mainly made up of people who love and are good at what they do. Our services are of high quality and can be considered friendly to the environment. We take a look at the detail and you will for sure be pleased with what we do. We offer a wide variety of services which you can freely choose from.

You may decide to go for the express service. Here, the car is washed by hand and later dried. The wheels of the vehicle are taken care of as well. You can also ensure that the tire of your vehicle is dressed once you decide to use the express wash. when it comes to the window, the exterior of it is well taken care of. Another available alternative is a soap classic. It’s almost similar to the express wash as the washing itself and drying is done by hand. The wheels of the vehicle are also not left behind as they are washed. The general cleaning of the windows is also done. Vacuum cleaning is also done. In case your dashboard is not as clean as you may prefer, no need for you to worry as the cleaning is also catered for. This is done by wiping it lightly. 

We do not run out of options for you as you may also use the executive wash. The drying and washing are basically done by hand. The tires are well dressed and the area of the window cleaned as well. When you use the executive wash option, the wheels of your vehicle are well taken care of. Vacuum cleaning can also be done on your car. Also, the executive wash option caters to the cleaning of the doors, dashboard, console and even the seats. The mats of the car are cleaned as well.  Soap supreme option is also available. Under this option, apart from cleaning and drying is done by hand, waxing is also done. The wheels and windows are also not left behind. The dash, doors and even console are cleaned by wiping lightly. 

We are the best in detailing services. You may choose between the soap supreme which entails cleaning mats by shampoo and dressing of seats, classic detail consists of shampooing your trunk and mat and at the same time cleaning the door jams, executive detail entails dressing of the exterior and conditioning of the interior and supreme detail.   

The SOAP cleaning is the best and we do it all ranging from detailing full wheel, shampooing mats to the conditioning of the seats especially if its leather. 

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