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For any business, whether in the United States or the rest of the world, the key to success is usually through the satisfaction of customers. Mastering how to keep your customers happy with your product or service is the surest way of attaining market supremacy. One such business that has mastered how to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction is the Soap Hand Car Wash in Waller. They offer a wide variety of car washing/ cleaning services to their clients as well as several extra services to entice the customers. Their services are packaged into several car washes and detailing categories. They include:

  1. The express wash – This includes the hand washing and drying of the car, washing of the wheels, cleaning of the exterior windows and dressing of the tires. It is the fastest and cheapest package as it does not involve intense cleaning.
  2. The soap classic – It involves hand car washing and drying, wheel washing, vacuuming, and tire dressing. The car windows are also extensively cleaned as the dashboard is wiped down lightly, both interior and exterior. 
  3. The executive wash This one involves hand car washing and drying, the washing of wheels, cleaning of wheels, vacuuming, dressing of tires, cleaning of the rubber floor mats and light wiping down of the dashboard, the console, and the car seats. 
  4. The soap supreme wash – This one involves hand car washing and drying as well as waxing to give the car a new and shinier look, wheel and window cleaning, vacuuming, tire dressing, cleaning of the rubber floor mats as well as a light wipe down of the dashboard, console, and car seats.

All these categories of car washing have been packaged into several world-class cars detailing services. These include:

  • The express detail – This usually includes the above-mentioned soap supreme wash services. This detail is however offered with additional features which include the cleaning and dressing of leather seats and shampooing of the floor mats. These are meant to give the customers a little extra something for their car at very low costs. 
  • The classic detail – It usually includes the soap executive wash services but in addition to those, this detail also offers cleaning and dressing of leather seats, shampooing of carpet and cloth seats, cleaning and conditioning of the console, dashboard and car doors, shampooing the trunk, cleaning the door jams as well as spot cleaning the headliners. 
  • The executive detail – This detail offers the services under the soap supreme wash and the following in addition; cleaning and dressing of the vehicle’s exterior, full wheel detailing, shampooing the carpets and cloth seats, cleaning and dressing the car seats, shampooing the trunk of the car and lastly, spot cleaning the headliner.
  • The supreme detail – clearly the most lucrative of all the others, it offers  the soap supreme wash along with a complete orbital polish, full wheel detailing, cleaning & dressing the vehicle’s exterior and the leather seats, shampooing the carpets, seat clothes, and the trunk, spot cleaning the headliner and cleaning door jams.

These are some of the reasons why everyone loves the Soap Hand Car Wash in Waller. 

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