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Why we are so loved

Everyone knows that the best car cleaning service in the Greater Houston Area is the SOAP Hand Car Wash. Our company is famous for giving car services as well as giving details to clients. SOAP follows all the rules by taking care of the environment in the best way possible. The following are some of the car washing services offered:

Express wash

  • The window exterior are handled by dusting and also washing them.
  • We wipe the wheels to make sure they appear fresh and clean.
  • The cars are specifically washed and dried by using hands.
  • Dressing of tires.

Soap Classic

  • The wheels are cleaned to make sure all the dirt and mud are gone.
  • All the windows are dusted and washed to be clear enough.
  • We vacuum the floor to remove the hidden and unreachable substances.
  • This option also looks uses hand washing and drying for all the vehicles.
  • The tires are dressed after cleaning them.

Executive Wash

  • The cars are washed and then cleared of all the water specifically by using hands and not machines.
  • The wheels are scrubbed and cleaned.
  • A dusting of all the windows.
  • The rubber floor mats of the car are handled.
  • Use of a vacuum to clear out all the dirt.

Soap Supreme

  • Hand wax is done to all the vehicles to make sure they have the new shiny appearance after the process is complete.
  • Rubber floor mats are taken care of by disinfecting and cleaning them well.
  • The vehicles are also handled with care by using hands for cleaning and drying.
  • Use of vacuums to get all the dirt from the car floor.

The following are some of the reasons why SOAP is the best in Detailing Services:

Express Detail

  • Uses the Soap Supreme Wash to make sure that all the parts of the car are clean and okay.
  • The leather seats are removed for cleaning and then put back afterward.
  • The floor mats are taken care of by shampooing them.

Classic Detail

  • Uses the Soap Executive Wash to make sure that the car is clean.
  • The leather seats are cleaned and put back in the right form.
  • The trunk is also given enough attention by being shampooed.
  • The console, dash, and floors are cleaned and conditioned in the right manner.

Executive Detail

  • Gives a Soap Supreme wash to allow the user to get a clean vehicle. 
  • The exterior of the car is cleaned and put in the right form.
  • The wheel is given full treatment to make sure it works and operates in the right manner.
  • The boot is cleaned by using shampoo making it smell nice and get the new experience.
  • Tender materials such as the carpets and cloth seats are washed using shampoos.

Supreme Detail

  • Incorporates Supreme Wash making the car to get all the cleaning benefits.
  • The wheels are treated and cleaned completely. 
  • The leather seats are removed for cleaned and installed back in.


Depending on the wants of the client, one can decide to go for either the deep or light conditioning of the leather seats.

The mats, seats, and carpets are shampooed.

There is an option to polish or wax the vehicles.


  • Saves water. Gallons of water are conserved thanks to using SOAP as compared to using the garage or home method.
  • Wash tools. The right mitts have to be able to remove all the dirt but at the same time not affect the paint in the car.
  • Drying tools. The very specific towels we use absorb all the water that is found on the car.

To get the best out of the car and detailing services, it is imperative that one seeks our services at SOAP.

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