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Why SOAP is so famous

SOAP craft wash is known all over the New Caney Area because of all the benefits it gives to its clients. The best thing about this is it’s considerate of the environment. This is also good because it varies from just simply cleaning cars to even offering detailing services. Some of the cleaning options available in SOAP entail:

Express Wash

  • The cars are simply hand washed and dried to make sure the vehicles are not damaged.
  • The exterior of the wheels is sprayed and wiped well.
  • Scrubbing and drying of wheels.
  • We also dress all the tires to give them a fresh look.

Soap Classic

  • Use of a vacuum to make sure that all the dirt is removed from the floorboard.
  • The cars are also washed and dried using hands.
  • The dash is lightly wiped for the place to be clean.
  • The dusting of windows to make them much clearer.

Executive Wash

  • The rubber floor mats are handled by being cleaned well and also disinfected.
  • Dressing of tires making it dirt free and clear of mud.
  • Windows are washed and the water removed to make it visible enough.
  • The dash, console, and doors are slightly wiped to make sure they are clean.
  • This package also uses hand wash and drying to make sure that maximum care is achieved.
  • We scrub the wheels making them mud-free.

Soap Supreme

  • The cars are specifically waxed by hand giving it a fresh outlook.
  • Use of a vacuum to clear out all the dirt.
  • The rubber floor mats are washed and taken care of.
  • We scrub and make sure the wheels are free from all types of dirt.

Some of the detailing activities that the SOAP offers include:

Express Detail

  • It comes with an offer for cleaning under the Soap Supreme bouquet.
  • The floor mats are disinfected using shampoos
  • The leather seats are removed and cleaned then placed back on.

Classic Detail

  • Uses the Soap Executive wash to make sure the automobile is clean enough.
  • Leather seats are separately cleaned.
  • Involves cleaning and conditioning of the dash, console, and doors.
  • The boot is shampooed to make it fresh.

Executive Detail

  • Uses Supreme Wash to make the automobile clean.
  • The exterior of the vehicle is cleaned and dressed for use.
  • The wheel is fixed and cleaned in every available aspect.
  • The boot or trunk is also placed into consideration by being shampooed.
  • The console, dash, and doors are cleaned and conditioned.

Supreme Detail

  • Uses the Supreme Wash that gives enough advantages for the overall cleanliness. 
  • The cloth seats and carpets are cleaned using shampoo to make them clean.
  • The wheel is cleaned completely to make it better in appearance.
  • The leather seats are conditioned either lightly or deeply.
  • Shampooing of mats, seats, and carpets.
  • All that needs to be done for the wheels are completely done.
  • There are many more options for one to choose the best from.
  • Resourceful. The water is always conserved especially considered to other means like garage and home use. This saves gallons of water per wash.
  • Weekly wash. The consistency makes sure that there is no permanent damage to the vehicles.
  • Drying materials. The microfiber and chamois towels are used because they are soft and are good at absorbing water.
  • Wash tools. The mitts are supposed to be gentle to the paint but should consequently remove all the dirt well.

It is crucial for one to use SOAP to get the best car services, simply head onto our location to give your car the best services.

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