Porter Qualified Auto Car Detailing, Full Wheel Detailing & Light Clay Bar Treatment In Porter, TX

Reasons as to why SOAP Hand Car Wash is loved so much.

The SOAP Hand Car Wash is known all over the Houston Area for the great cleaning job it does. Our works are fixated on using the safest measures, especially to the environment. The works can be either washing the vehicles or just doing detailing services on them. The following are some of the cleaning services offered by our car wash:

Express wash

  • The cars are washed and dried by using only hands.
  • The wheels are cleaned up to ensure all the dirt is gone.
  • A dusting of windows to make them clear and visible.
  • Car tires are dressed for them to appear fresh.

Soap Classic

  • This option also incorporates hand wash on the cars with the same care used for drying them.
  • Wheels are washed thoroughly to make them look okay.
  • All the windows in the car are made clear by washing them.
  • Vacuuming of the floors helps in getting all the dirt that cannot be reached easily.
  • The dash of the vehicle is gently wiped during the process.

Executive Wash

  • We wipe all the windows for the vehicle.
  • The wheels are also washed to ensure that they look clean and neat.
  • We wash and dry the cars using means of hands solely.
  • All the dirt is removed from the car floor by using company vacuums.
  • The tires are dressed to make them look well.
  • The dash, console, doors, and seats are wiped occasionally.

Soap Supreme

  • This package is also washed and dried specifically by the use of hands.
  • Waxing of the car is done using hands to ensure that the vehicle is not damaged.
  • Our top clientele also ensures that the wheels are clean.
  • Windows are dusted and wiped during clean-ups.
  • The car floors are vacuumed during the process.
  • The Soap Supreme also makes use of wiping the dash, console, doors and seats.

The Detailing Services are of the following types:

Express Detail

  • Incorporates the Soap Supreme Wash for cleaning the cars.
  • The leather seats are also cleaned and then dressed for our clients.
  • The mats used on the floors are shampooed to make sure they have a new look.

Classic Detail

  • Uses the Soap Executive wash to make the cleaning aside from other advantages.
  • The leather seats are removed, cleaned and put back after a while.
  • The boot is aired and washed using shampoo to make sure the smell is improved.
  • The dash, console, and doors are washed and conditioned.

Executive Detail

  • Uses the Soap Supreme Wash to clean up the car.
  • The wheel is given the full treatment just aside from washing it.
  • The carpets and cloths eat are cleaned using shampoo.
  • The console, dash, and doors are conditioned after the cleaning process.

Supreme Detail

  • It uses the Soap Supreme wash making sure the car appears all clean and nice.
  • The wheel is cleaned up nice and given all the servicing required.
  • The leather seats are removed for washing and returned after the cleaning.
  • The carpets and cloth seats are given special care by being shampooed. 


The seats are conditions either fully or just a soft kind according to the client.

The mats, seats, and carpets are cleaned using shampoo, therefore, giving it a new look.

The wheel is taken care of at optimum state being fully serviced.

Why you should pick SOAP over the rest.

  • Drying items. The towels used by our company are made of very soft material that absorbs water very easily.
  • Weekly wash. It is very vital that the vehicles are washed to prevent contamination and long term damage.
  • Washing items. The mitts deployed are of high quality that prevents the paint from being destroyed but still does the job of removing all the dirt.
  • Economical. A lot of water is saved up by using the SOAP Hand Car Wash. This can be by using the three-bucket systems.

The best way to take care of your vehicle is by taking it down to the SOAP Hand Car Wash in Porter.

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