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The Car Detailing Services Offered By The Soap Hand Car Wash In Kingwood

Houston is one of the largest cities in the state of Texas. A high population in the city also translates to a high number of car owners. All these car owners ultimately end up needing a car wash partner to handle the cleaning of their car. Most residents of Houston prefer hand washing as it is done carefully by hand and without any harmful chemicals. One of the most popular hand car washers in Kingwood is the Soap Hand Car Wash. They have a team of experts that provide their clients with the most superior workmanship at the most affordable prices in Kingwood. Their services are more superior to those of other clients because they are well packaged into several very enticing details. These car detailing service packages include:

  • The express car detailing – This detail usually includes the soap supreme wash services. The soap supreme wash services include hand car washing and drying as well as hand waxing, wheel washing, window cleaning, vacuuming, tire dressing as well as light wiping down of the car console, its dashboard, and the seats. Additionally, the express detail also offers cleaning and dressing of leather seats and shampooing of the floor mats in a bid to give their customers a more outstanding experience at affordable costs. 
  • The classic car detailing – It usually includes the soap executive wash services which include: washing of the car wheels, vacuuming, light wiping of the console, dashboards, and seats, cleaning of the windows, dressing of the tires as well as cleaning of the rubber floor mats. In addition to these, this detail also offers cleaning and dressing of leather seats, shampooing of carpet and cloth seats, cleaning and conditioning of the console, dashboard and car doors, shampooing the trunk, cleaning the door jams as well as spot cleaning the headliners. 
  • The executive car detailing – This detail offers the services under the soap supreme wash as mentioned in (i) above. However, in order to make the package even better for customers, they also offer the following in addition cleaning and dressing of the vehicle’s exterior, full detailing of the vehicle’s wheel, scrubbing the carpets and cloth seats, cleaning and dressing the car seats, shampooing the trunk of the car and lastly, spot cleaning the headliner.
  • The supreme car detailing – It is usually the most lucrative of all the others, it offers  the soap supreme wash along with full orbital car polishing, full wheel detailing, cleaning & dressing the vehicle’s exterior and the leather seats, shampooing the carpets seat clothes and the trunk, shining of the vehicle’s chrome accents,  making the headliner spotless and cleaning door jams.

These are some of the car detailing services offered by the Soap Hand Car Wash in Kingwood.

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