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Owning a car is one of the most serious investments people can make in their lives. This is because buying a car is not cheap. It is for this reason that people expect their cars to last for long enough periods until they are able to acquire another car. The surest way to make one’s car last long is through applying safe and paint friendly car washing techniques to their cars. When looking for safe car washing, one automatically removes tunnel car washing and is left with hand car washing. One of the best hand car washers in Houston is the Soap Hand Car Wash. They have the most car friendly techniques when it comes to both car washing and drying. However, the exclusive car washing services that they offer to their clients are what make them stand out. Their services are divided into several cars detailing packages to give the clients the best car washing experience. These details include:

  1. The express detail – the express car wash detail combines the specifications of the soap supreme wash with other features to entice their customers. The soap supreme wash usually includes hand car washing and drying as well as hand waxing, wheel washing, window cleaning, and vacuuming, tire dressing as well as light wiping down of the car console, its dashboard, and the seats. In addition to these services, they also offer cleaning and dressing of leather seats as well as scrubbing and shampooing of floor mats. This helps them achieve better customer satisfaction. 
  2. The classic detail Usually includes the soap executive wash services which include: car wheel washing, vacuuming, wiping of the console, dashboards, and seats, cleaning of the windows, dressing of the tires as well as cleaning of the rubber floor mats. In order to make this detailed package more appealing to the clients, the deal is usually combined with cleaning and dressing of leather seats, shampooing of carpet and cloth seats, cleaning and conditioning of the console, dashboard and car doors, among others.
  3. The executive detail – This detail offers the services under the soap supreme wash as mentioned in (i) above. However, like its name suggests, in order to make the package more executive for customers, they also offer the following in addition; cleaning and dressing of the vehicle’s exterior, full detailing of the vehicle’s wheel, scrubbing the carpets and cloth seats, cleaning and dressing the car seats, shampooing the trunk of the car and lastly, spot cleaning the headliner.
  4. The supreme car detail – this detail is usually the most lucrative of all the others. It offers the soap supreme wash along with full orbital car polishing, full wheel detailing, cleaning & dressing the vehicle’s exterior and the leather seats, shampooing the carpets seat clothes and the trunk, shining of the vehicle’s chrome accents, making the headliner spotless and cleaning door jams. These features make it the most expensive package for car owners. It is usually reserved for the very high-end vehicles that require extra special treatment. 

These are some of the exclusive car washing packages offered by the Soap Hand Car Wash in Houston

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