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The Car Washing and Detailing Packages Offered by the Soap Hand Car Wash in Deer Park, Texas

For any business to succeed in its area of operation, the packaging of its products or services has to stand out. This is a standard and most important element of a business’ success. Packaging may be a lot more difficult for businesses that offer services instead of products but that doesn’t mean it cannot be done. In the car washing business, for instance, there are several ways in which business owners can specify their niche and package their services in a way that attracts specific customers. For instance, you can be a hand car wash, a machine car wash, a hand and soap car wash, etc. In Deer Park, there are several entrepreneurs running car wash business for the millions of car washers in that city. However, one car wash stands out from the rest because of the exclusive way in which both their car washing and car detailing services are packaged. This is not to say that their car washing system; the three-bucket system and their car washing techniques are not among the factors that make them stand out. They combine the techniques, the system, and their exclusive packaging to ensure that they stand out from their competitors. Their car washing services are packaged in the following ways:

  1. The express wash This entails the hand car washing and drying, washing of the wheels, cleaning of the exterior windows and tire dressing. This is usually the quickest and cheapest package as it simply entails light washing.
  2. The soap classic– Like the express wash, it involves washing and drying the car by hand, washing the wheels, vacuuming the interior and dressing the tires. It also entails extensive cleaning of the car windows as the dashboard is wiped down lightly, both interior and exterior. 
  3. The executive wash Usually involves cleaning of the car by hand water and soap, washing of the wheels, vacuuming, tire dressing, cleaning of the rubber floor mats and a light wipe down of the dashboard, the console, and the car seats. 
  4. The soap supreme wash This is the last one. Usually, it involves hand car washing and drying of the car. The car is then waxed to achieve a new and shinier look, the wheels and windows cleaned, vacuuming done on the interior, the tire dressed, cleaning of the rubber floor mats, as well as a light, wipe down of the dashboard, console, and car seats.

Aside from the car wash packages, SHCW also offers a number of car detailing packages which include:

The express detail

After your car receives the soap supreme kind of a wash, the express detailing then offers the cleaning and dressing of leather seats and shampooing of the floor mats. These are meant to give the customers a little extra something for their car at very low costs. 

The classic detail

Here, after the soap executive wash services, this detailing offers cleaning and dressing of leather seats, shampooing of carpet and cloth seats, cleaning and conditioning of the console, dashboard and car doors, shampooing the trunk, cleaning the door jams as well as spot cleaning the headliners.

The executive detail

In this detail, after the soap supreme wash, the following services are offered in addition; cleaning and dressing of the vehicle’s exterior, full wheel detailing, shampooing the carpets and cloth seats, cleaning and dressing the car seats, shampooing the trunk of the car and spot cleaning the headliner.

The supreme detail

This being the last and the best of the packages, offers the soap supreme wash along with a complete orbital polish, full wheel detailing, cleaning & dressing the vehicle’s exterior and the leather seats, shampooing the carpets, seat clothes, and the trunk, spot cleaning the headliner and cleaning door jams.

These are some of the car washing and detailing packages offered by the Soap Hand Car Wash in Deer Park. 

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