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Automatic Car Wash VS Hand Car Wash – Why you should Choose Hand Car Wash method

Automatic car wash has dominated the market for a long period of time. But in the recent past, the use of machines in cleaning cars has been scrutinized. With the introduction of new methods that are efficient in cleaning cars, automatic car washers are slowly being wiped out. Many companies have come out to offer faster and efficient ways of cleaning your car. Soap Hand Car Wash gives the best services in Kohrville.

In many cases, the washing machines are tied with a cloth-like a brush that rubs your car evenly to give your car a gentle touch leaving it clean. The disadvantage of this brush is that it wears with time because they perform the same function to several other vehicles for a long period of time. High chances are that dirt can easily be transferred from one car to another.

In other occasions, some small parts of the car can get trapped between the brushes and end up breaking or spoiling. For example, if an antenna gets trapped, that is the end of it. So before you think of taking your car to these washing machines, you should consider such small but important factors. This is the reason why you choose Soap Hand Car Wash for best services

Because of water regulation in some parts in Kohrville, other automatic car wash companies have to recycle water to ensure that their business goes on without interruption. This is disastrous especially if your car is the last in the line. As much as the recycled water is treated, you can still not trust that all dirt was removed. Such thinking can get the worst outcome since it is your car that your car. To avoid such disasters, use hand car wash services. Not just any other hand car wash but Soap Hand Car Wash and choose the package that suits your car.

The automatic car wash uses manufactured shampoos to clean vehicles. This is not an effective way of cleaning your car. On the other hand, when a person does the cleaning, you are assured that every part will be cleaned well and they understand where to put more effort. For example, if choose the express wash package, Soap Hand Car Wash professionals will ensure that you get the best service in tire dressing, wheel cleaning and exterior window check among more other services.

The worst experience of the machine washers is that they may destroy your car paint. Unlike the hand car washing where a lot of care is taken when handling your car and they maintain the paint. Those brushes may damage your car, hence it is always important to seek the services of Soap Hand Car Wash for quality services and affordable prices.

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