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Residents of Hufsmith who are looking for an eco-friendly car wash and detailing services outlet need to look no further than the Soap Hand Car Wash (SHCW). Your car is guaranteed a professional touch with the best kind of workmanship available at very affordable prices. The soap hand is wash are very particular about their use of soap because they care about the safety and spotlessness of your car as well as their eco-friendliness to the environment. Their car washing technique is known as the three-bucket system and it entails a genius system that ensures your car is free from all the debris and dirt. It comprises of two mitts, a number of towels, two washing machines, and the three buckets. No wonder, it is called the three bucket system. The mitts used are very high fiber mitts and as such is very easy on the car’s paint. They also ensure the cleaning is deep enough to loosen car-damaging debris like sand from the car without scratching the paint off.

Aside from their brilliant techniques, another reason why residents of Hufsmith love SHCW is the various car washing and car detailing services that come in various different and well-differentiated packages. These include:


  • The express wash – Here, your car gets a sparkling-hand-wash using the ecofriendly equipment. It is then dried also by hand as they maintain optimum care of it. This package also involves washing the exterior windows as well as tire dressing. It does not involve the car’s interior and therefore involves light car washing. It is very cost-friendly. 
  • The soap classic – The package usually involves careful and thorough hand washing and drying of the car using all the eco-friendly cleaning and drying equipment mentioned above. The car’s wheels are also thoroughly washed and the windows cleaned. They are both then wiped dry so that they achieve a sparklingly clean look. As if that is not enough, the dashboard is also lightly wiped down as the tires are dressed and the car vacuumed. This wash is usually more detailed than the first.
  • The executive car wash – In this package, the clients ‘cars’ wheels, windows, rubber floor mats are all hand washed and dried. They are then well-vacuumed and the tires dressed the rubber floor mats cleaned and dried as the dash, console, doors, and seats are lightly wiped down. As the name suggests, the executive car wash is one of the best cleaning packages you can offer your car every now and then to ensure it stays new and sparkling for a long time.
  • The soap supreme – In this package, the client’s cars are hand-washed, dried and waxed giving them shiny new looks. The car wheels and windows are also thoroughly cleaned and tires dressed, the rubber floor mats are cleaned and the dash, console, doors, and seats lightly wiped. The car is also well vacuumed. 

The car detailing services they offer include the express detail, the classic detail, the executive detail, and the supreme detail. These car washing and detailing services are some of the reasons why people in Hufsmith love Soap Hand Car Wash.

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