How A Car Wash Works In Houston

At some point, most car owners have driven into a car wash. Even if you generally use a pressure washer to clean your car, you might have thought about taking your vehicle to the car wash and having it cleaned for you. There are a few reasons why you should not consider a car wash because it offers a good and extensive clean without you having to do anything.

Most people know that a dirty car will enter the car wash and a clean one will come out. Have you ever wondered what happens to your car while it is in the car wash? It might surprise you to learn about the number of tiny pressure washers that are needed to get the job done. Fortunately, the basic principles of all automated car washes are the same and you can easily find out what happens to your car.


The first step in the car wash process is you driving your car into the wash zone. Some car washes will have you leave your car on a conveyor belt which will take it to the start of the cleaning process. The car wash will use sensors to determine if there is a car and only when there is one will it start the cleaning process.

Soaping Up

Once in the car wash, the vehicle will be sprayed with water from a number of points powered by a large pressure washer. This will loosen the dirt and dust on the car while breaking down any compact grime. After the water spray, the car will be sprayed with a soap solution from all sides by pressure washers.

The car will then move through a mitter curtain which lathers the surface of the vehicle and rinses it. The foam applicator will be next and this applies a powerful cleaning solution to the car to get rid of stains and marks. A thin layer of foaming solution will then be applied to the surface of the car.

The Scrub

The body of the car is now ready for a scrub to remove all of the impurities which have been loosened by the soap. The scrubbers are generally vertical poles that have cloth strips attached. They will move at high speeds to lash against the car and clean it.

The Blast

After the scrubbing, your car will go through another water zone where pressure washers will hit the vehicle with water from a variety of angles. This section of the car wash does use a lot of water compared to your home pressure washer. However, most of the car washes will recycle and reuse the water from this process.

The Rinse

The next process will be the rinse cycle where more water is sprayed on the car. This will remove any trace of the soap that was applied to the vehicle in earlier sections of the car wash. It will also remove the last of the dirt and grime that was on the car before it entered the car wash.

Wax And Dry

The last part of the car wash will be the waxing process. Various protective waxes will be sprayed onto the car using a low-pressure system. This ensures an even coating before it is scrubbed lightly. Your car will also go through a dryer to remove any water that is on the surface and reduce water marks.

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