Expert of Auto Car Detailing, Deep Conditioning of Leather & Light Clay Bar Treatment In Coady, TX

Why Everyone Loves Us

If you’re trying to find professionals that provide the very best quality workmanship at a competitive price, we invite you to experience what the excitement is all about. SOAP Hand Car Wash is an ecological automobile wash and detailing service that serves the Greater Houston area.

Express Wash

  • Hand Wash and Dry
  • Wash Wheels
  • Exterior of Windows
  • Tire Dressing

Soap Classic Wash

  • Hand Wash and Dry
  • Wash Wheels
  • Clean Windows
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Dressing tires
  • Smooth Wiping of Dashboard

Executive Wash

  • Hand Washing and Dry cleaning
  • Wheel wash
  • Window cleaning
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Tire Dressing
  • Rubber Floor Mats
  • Light wipe down of Dashboard, Center Console, Doors and Seats

Soap Supreme Wash

  • Hand Washing and Dry cleaning
  • Hand Waxing
  • Wheels washing
  • Window cleaning
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Dressing Tires and Rubber Floor Mats
  • Smooth wiping of Dashboard, Center Console, and Doors and Seats

Number 1 in Detailing Services

Express Detailing

  • SOAP Supreme Wash
  • Cleaning & Dressing of Seats
  • Floor Mats shampooing

Classic Detailing

  • SOAP Executive Wash
  • Leather seats Cleaning & Dressing 
  • Carpets & Cloth Seats shampoo
  • Cleaning & Conditioning of Center Console, Dash & Doors
  • Shampoo Trunk
  • Headliner spot Clean
  • Door Jam Clean

Executive Detailing

  • SOAP Supreme Wash
  • Cleaning & Dressing Exterior Rubber, Vinyl & Plastic
  • Complete Detailing of Wheels
  • Leather Seats cleaning & dressing
  • Cloth Seats and carpets shampooing
  • Cleaning & Conditioning Center Console, Dash & Doors
  • Trunk Shampooing
  • Headliner spot cleaning
  • Door Clog Cleaning

Supreme Detailing

  • SOAP Supreme Wash
  • Complete Orbital Polish
  • Chrome Accents clean and Shine
  • Exterior Dressing and cleaning of Vinyl, Plastic and Rubber
  • Detailing of Wheels
  • Leather Seats dressing and cleaning
  • Shampoo Cloth Seats and Carpets
  • Condition center Console, Doors & Dashboard
  • Trunk Shampoo
  • Headliner Spot Clean
  • Door Jams Clean

We Got It All!

  • Smooth toning up of Leather Seats
  • Deep toning up of Leather Seats
  • Bumpers and Trims Dressing
  • Rubber Mats Cleaning
  • Detailing Wheels
  • Light Treatment of Clay Bar
  • Freshen up Mats
  • Freshen up Seats
  • Freshen up Carpets
  • Clay, Compound, Polish and Wax

Plus a host of other services to settle on from.


Because We Are Secure, Flawless and Eco-Friendly!

Three Pail System

Two gloves, many towels, two washing machines, and three pails. We employ a genius system that keeps dirt and debris out of our gloves and far away from your car paint.

Washing Tools

We use high-quality mitts with fibers that are gentle on the paint, while still deep enough to loosen dirt and sand so that they don’t rub against the vehicle.

Drying Tools

We use microfiber and fabric towels thanks to their flexibility and absorbability. They are always kept apart and cleaned in separate washing machines to stop contamination.

Wash Weekly

Routine washing is the best because some contaminants can quickly do serious indelible damage to the paint if they’re allowed to stay.

Not Weakly!

Most of the churn marks that disfigure your vehicle’s finish are likely caused by poor washing techniques.

SOAP uses as few as 10 gallons of water per wash, while a typical tunnel car wash can use between 40 to 80 gallons, and washing a car at home can use 100 gallons or more.


SOAP Hand Car Wash offers the very best quality workmanship within the Greater Houston Area. We provide a good assortment of eco-friendly detailing and cleaning services.

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We service the following zip codes and surrounding areas:
77015, 77034, 77044, 77049, 77059, 77062, 77089, 77501, 77502, 77503, 77504, 77505, 77506, 77507, 77508, 77520, 77521, 77522, 77530, 77532, 77536, 77562, 77571, 77572, 77580, 77586, Baytown TX, Highlands TX, Mont Belvieu TX, Channelview TX, La Porte TX, Deer Park TX, Crosby TX, Pasadena TX, Houston TX, Seabrook TX

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